I have "rebranded" in the hopes of becoming clearer to agencies and potential employers what I am and am not looking for in my future career decisions.

I am willing to undertake short term assignments while I look for a permanent role – which is my end goal. Please understand that while I accept these temp assignments, I do not wish to become a professional temp. I did that before I entered IT, I do not wish to do it now. I’d also like to take the time to address some common responses/observations I get about my CV:

* Yes I did change careers in late 2014. I spent just over 20 years in IT, mainly network support.

* The reason for my career change was that simply, I became burnt out. I wanted a change and to focus on family.

* Having said that, I wouldn’t rule out a return to IT, if the role (and money) were the right offer.

* The majority of my roles have been contracted or temp (as indicated on my CV). This is the reason why there is a link to my LinkedIn profile on my CV to view all the roles I have held in my career.


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